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Written Works (Judges Portal)

2019 Results

The School of Lost and Found
Emily Matisons
Existential dread
Tanner Muller
A Sense of Place
Marjorie Hanam
Changing perspective in writing assignments
Marjorie Hanam
First in Family
Shay Ledingham
Friendships of Fiction
Breck Carter
Shivani Prabhu
Let me tell you a story
Emma Medill
Many Lives
Justin Jos
Mature madness
jenny stampalia
My Student Experience
Madison Van Beek
My Week.
Jenny Nguyen
Will Boddy
Open day - A life changing experience
Prajakta Inagle
Perseverance - My Student Experience.
Michele Poole
Sink, Swim or Tread
Enya Williams
The Forked Road
Emma Medill
The story of my experience by Novie Indah Setianingsih
Novie Indah Setianingsih
Thesaurus, please
Keesha Field
We have a salve for that
Noeleen Ginnane
What I Wish I Knew
Matilda Sheridan
What It All Comes Down To
Alexandra (Poppy) Fitzpatrick
What you did Not get told
Emma Medill
Tertiary Access Group